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This website contains examples of my photographic and digital imaging work. The pictures, which are uncategorized, include photos from the days of film to images captured digitally, 
from organized photo shoots to general photography. Imaging work examples include; digital artwork, retouching, restoration and colourising.

A still pictures video, 8.25 minutes running time, with background music, showing a selection of photographic and digital imaging work from the 1980s through to 2015 is available via these links. Please select the correct format for your device.

Link 01:
MPEG/MP4 video file format (82MB)...Mostly Apple devices
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WMV video file format (40MB)...Mostly Microsoft devices

Equipment Does Matter...

It can be argued that a photographer's experience, ability and creativity are more important than the camera equipment used. While that's possibly true, a high spec camera/lens combo whenáused correctly does make capturing a true representation of the scene in front of the lens that little bit more certain. That's why I use Nikon FX (full frame sensor) DSLR bodies in conjunction with fast Nikkor FX pro grade lenses, a combination that produces high resolution, virtually noise free, detailed
RAW image files with a wide dynamic range, ideal for creating large, high quality prints, canvases and wall posters. 

Workflow In Brief...

• For optimum quality, images are initially captured as 14 bit uncompressed raw files
• The raw files are transferred from the camera to a computer for post processing
• After processing the raw files are saved as lossless, uncompressed 16bit
TIFF files
• After any additional editing/retouching the files are then ready for printing

Digital Images to Photographic Prints...

To ensure best quality prints, during post processing image files are always inspected in great detail on a calibrated monitor/colour managed system at 100%. Viewing images at zoom ratios less than 100% can mask problems that may well have a detrimental

affect on print quality. To make certain that image files meet the standards required for quality large sized print creation, in addition to the aesthetic considerations of image capture, as much thought is also given to the technical aspects of picture taking. These steps, in combination with meticulous post processing, careful editing, detailed image inspection, and class leading photo printing software used within a calibrated printing workflow, ensure the creation of sharp, vibrant, quality prints, that when cared for correctly will last a lifetime.

The Impact of Large Prints...

Most people now view their pictures on mobile devices, which although convenient, doesn't have the same visual impact or aesthetic appeal as viewing large sized, quality prints especially when tastefully displayed. However, prints do require looking after, with careful handling, correct framing/mounting, and appropriate storage procedures crucial to preserving print life.

here for print care tips. A PDF file (requires AdobeReader) containing useful print care advice can also be downloaded/viewed by clicking here. Google Chrome users don't need to download AdobeReader as Chrome includes a PDF reader.

A4 & 8"x10" Prints...

An eight cartridge Epson photo printer, together with heavyweight pro grade pearl or lustre archival quality photo paper, in conjunction with the best photo printing software currently available is used to individually print high quality, fade resistant A4 and 8"x10" sized prints, 
with each print inspected under daylight balanced lighting to ensure colour accuracy. 

Large Print Sizes, Wall Posters, Canvases and Panoramas...

Print and canvas sizes from A3 (16.5"x11.7") up to attention-grabbing 30"x45" plus panoramas are commercially printed on to 'Fuji Colour Crystal Archive Paper' using image files specifically prepared for this purpose. This procedure guarantees the creation of long lasting large prints that exhibit great colour depth, clarity and sharpness, The larger the print, the greater the visual impact, with the 30"x45" size resulting in stunningáwall decor that will enhance any personal or corporate space.

The Smart Television Viewing Option...

For those who prefer viewing their pictures on screen as opposed to displaying prints, viewing them via a large screened smart television is an enjoyable alternative to the convenience, if somewhat limited experience of viewing them on mobile devices. For suggestions about how this can be done please click

Business Card, Poster Design & CD/DVD Artwork...

In addition to my photographic work I also create bespoke artwork for advertising posters, business cards, and CD/DVD labels. All digital files are suitable for printing by your local commercial printer, or uploading for online printing. To view example business cards please 
here. To discuss any of these please get-in-touch.

Cambuslang Old Parish Church Pictures 2017/2018...
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The Cambuslang Old Parish Church building (the Old Kirk) was sold by the church authorities during 2016, and as a 'B' listed building no alterations can be made to its exterior. As the new owners will be converting its interior into a children's nursery/daycare centre and a Logical Golf golf studio, it was decided to photograph the inside of the church. This A4 sized, 128 page book, the result of this project, in addition to pictures contains info about the Old Kirk. A copy of the book is held by the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh, and by Strathclyde University's Andersonian Library, Glasgow.

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