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Work published/used by...

• Best Magazine UK
• Celebrity Magazine Mallorca 
• Antiques & Home Magazine 
• Black & White Publishing 
• The Gretton Book Project
• Confidential Records
• Piggott's Clock Reviews
• Logical Golf
• Granada
• Chipperfield Entertainments

• Cafe Royale
• Terry Moore Music 

• AA Entertainments 
• East Kilbride Theatre
• Little Big Studio
• Digiclone  
• G&T Duo 
• Cumbernauld Theatre 
• Eastwood Park Theatre  
• Strathclyde Police

• South Lanarkshire Council  
• Lanark Memorial Hall
• Piggylicious
• P&M Amusements 
• Sash Factor 
• Key Signs  
• Scottish Family Roots
• The Guitar School
• Rentify  
• Harbour Arts Centre

• Circus Bollywood
• Chic Hair & Beauty
• Clem Dane
• Harry Morris
• Diane Barry
High Flyers Daycare
• John Mallan
• Andersonian Library
• Braco Community Council
• Granada Television

A Brief Bio...

I am an experienced published photographer who after thirty years of shooting film in 2005 made the switch to digital, which meant replacing 
my ageing Nikon F4s and 2╝" Rollieflex film cameras with Nikon DSLRs. 

Since then I have developed image editing and digital photo printing skills that enable me to take full advantage of the unprecedented control that digital capture brings to the entire picture taking, image restoration, and photo printing process, including magazine quality retouching.

I can also create customised digital images suitable for bespoke vehicle livery graphics and advertising vinyls. Previous commissions have included 30' wide x 6' high partial vinyl truck wraps, plus customised external spare wheel carrier covers such as those seen on many up market 4x4 vehicles and customised camper vans. I also offer a business card design and upload service compatible with most UK business card printing companies such as Moo Cards, Vista Print, etc.

A Word About Prints...

While digital images viewed via screens, particularly those found on smaller mobile devices can look good, and is convenient, image file quality for this type of display is much less critical than the higher quality requirements for print creation. All image files to be printed in-house or uploaded to the web for professional printing are prepped using specialist software which guarantees stunning quality even in large sized prints.

Need a Photographer/Retoucher?

If you have someone, something, an event, real estate (interior or exterior) to be photographed please get-in-touch. A macro photography service is also available. Rates are competitive. 

I will also consider collaborating on model portfolio photo shoots on a TFCD/TFP basis on mutually beneficial projects.

A Quote from artist Robert Genn (May 15, 1936 – May 27, 2014) on Self-Validation...

"I’m an advocate of self-validation. It’s an acquired skill. Encouragement, yes. Constructive criticism, yes. But artists should be aware that petty stroking could be the source of arrested productivity. An artist’s job includes the avoidance of premature closure by the begged or gratuitous approval of others.”

This quote from Robert Genn one of Canada's most accomplished artists, although primarily intended as helpful advice to fellow artists could well be applied to anyone involved in the creative arts, including photographers.

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