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 Retouched, Restored, and Makeovers

1950's Glasgow Family...

Left is the original photo, and right is the restored version with the two front figures' positions reversed. 

In addition, the young girl and boy's height was changed to give the impression that the boy was slightly older than his sister.

This change was made to fit with the story line of a soon-to-be published book titled: 'Born to be Wide' by Scottish writer, author, and performer Harry Morris in which the photo is to appear. 

Although fictional, the gritty and at times humorous storyline is centered around an early 1950s working class Glasgow family, represented in part by this particular photograph

First Day at School...

Left is the original damaged print, and right is the repaired, colour corrected version.

The original negative created by the 35mm film camera was lost, leaving a damaged 5"x7" print as the only record of the young girl leaving home to attend school for the first time. Given this situation, it was important that her family have a replacement high resolution digital image file.

After the damaged print was scanned into digital image editing software, it was repaired, colour corrected, then saved as a tiff image file, which was then used 
to create a high quality, A4 sized replacement print. 

Northern Irish Friends...

The original picture, first right, snapped in Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland, dates from around the mid 1950s and had obviously not been well looked after. With no negative the owner was keen to have the damaged picture restored and a high res jpeg created, which could be saved for future use.

I was emailed a scanned version, which explains the extended white background area seen in the original picture

The far right picture is the restored version. 

Picture from 1930...

This 85 year old picture is from Clogher, N.I.

Click the image below to read what was written on the back of the print.

Click to view larger version.

Another Irish Friend...

Another picture from County Down, Northern Ireland. 

The picture, first right, was snapped in Banbridge's Anderson Street around 1953, and is the second of the two N.I. pictures scanned and emailed to me for restoration. 

The far right picture is the restored version. 

Funeral Service Photograph...

After the lady on the left died in a residential care home at the age of 90, as part of her funeral arrangements her family planned to display a photograph of her during the service.

Unfortunately, the only picture they could find of her was an early photograph which included her daughter.

I was asked to create an image from this photograph which would then be printed, framed, and displayed during the service. The resulting picture is shown far right.

Click either image to view a larger version.  


Magazine quality makeover from an original low resolution "selfie". 

Click either image to view a larger version. 


School Photo Circa 1870/90s...

The original photo, first right, shows pupils with their teacher from Braco village's small primary school. The estimated date for the original picture is between 1870 and 1890. Click either the original or restored picture, far right, to view larger versions.

Braco Main St., Circa 1898...

The original faded photo, first right, shows Forbes & Co's warehouse, staff members, and members of the public. Located on Braco Main street, the picture dates from approximatley 1898, and is understood to be the only surviving visual record of this early Braco landmark. Click either the original or restored picture, far right, to view larger versions.

Braco, Circa Early 1900s...

Pony and rig in front of Broomhill 
Farmhouse on the Ardoch Estate, near to the village of Braco.

Mr Daniel McIldowie (dark suite)
tenant of Clatteringford Farm. Mr
James M Finlayson (driving)
tenant of Broomhill Farm.

Click either image to view a larger version.  


Rear Side of Above Picture...

This is a typical layout often seen on the reverse side of early 1900s photographers' postcard style pictures to advertise their photographic business.

The original, first right and the cleaned up version are included here to show what the back of the above pony and rig picture looked like.

Click either image to view a larger version.


1960's Glasgow Pop Group...

Original scanned picture and restored hand colourised version of 1960's five piece Glasgow band 'The Berrys'. The original picture is from a gig at Paisley Ice Ring sometime during 1964.

Colours used for the colourisation are based on information from a band member.

Band members from top to bottom are:

• David Lister
• James Ian Murray
• Ian (Collie) Coltart
• Lex Price
• Charles Kilday

Click scanned original to view larger restored black and white version prior to colourising.

Click colourised image to view a larger version.

Edited Portrait...

The left side image is the original picture of Kiera Kingsman, Miss Earth Scotland 2013, while the right side image is a warmer more saturated looking version. 

The background of the edited version has also been replaced with a window style shadow effect, which compliments the picture's warmer appearance.

Retouching digital images, specifically people portraits can 
at times prove controversial. However, tasteful, minimal 
editing can enhance a subject's appearance without radically changing how he/she looks.

Those who disagree should realise that artists have been 'painting up' people for years. Digital image manipulation simply gives the present day digital photographer, providing he/she has the skills, the opportunity to create client pleasing images.

Edited Portrait...

First right is the original picture of Natasha Crawford (unknown photographer) far right is an edited "eyes open" version.

Immediatley below these are two different spectacle versions.



Artwork Example...

Photographer: Neil McMillan
Lisa Cunningham

The digital artwork picture shown far right was created from an original photo by Neil McMillan, seen immediately opposite. 

Neil McMillan is a commercial, product, portrait, fashion, event, and PR photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Lisa Cunningham from Glasgow, Scotland, is a talented artist who also works throughout the UK as a promotional model.

Click either image to view a larger version.  

Restored and Colourised...

The two pictures shown opposite right, and the corresponding two below are top model Marion Davren's scanned original black and white images with their restored and hand colourised versions.

Obviously there has to be some artistic interpretation with regard to skin tone, hair, and garment colours.

Click any of the four images to view a larger version.   

New to Old...

Another Marion Davren original black and white picture. This time edited to create a late 18th, early 19th century pseudo retro film type photo with a faded, slightly damaged appearance.

Click either image to view a larger version.  


Amy Belle, Glasgow...

This picture (photographer unknown) of popular Glasgow vocalist/musician Amy Belle 
dates from approx 2009.

Picture first right is the original version, with the edited version far right.

Click either image to view a larger version.  


Disney World Paris Fix...

Unfortunateley during a trip to Disney World Paris, the young boy in the picture developed a fear of the costumed Disney characters, and refused to be photographed with any of them.

After returning home with the usual holiday snaps, but without any showing their son with a Disney character, his parents asked if it would be possible to add Mickey Mouse to the snap shown first right while keeping the picture 'real' looking.

The far right image shows the finished picture. With a few additional edits to resize the picture and sort out its aspect ratio, it was possible to create a quality 8"x10" print. 

Click either image to view a larger version.  


Click to view larger version. Click to view larger version.

Makeover/Photo Shoot...1

The pictures shown opposite are the result of editing two pictures originally photographed, post processed, and edited by a studio as part of a makeover photo shoot package.

To view the original studio jpegs  click the images. The only editing changes made to these originals was to downsize and sharpen them for online use. 

The purpose of makeover/photo shoots is normally for make up artists and hairstylists to work together to enhance the client's appearance. The client is then photographed, the images edited, and a selection of the enhanced pictures chosen by the client. 

Just as important as the makeover and subsequent photo shoot is tasteful and detailed post processing/editing. Done correctly this ensures that clients receive edited pictures that show them at their best, done poorly, with lack of attention to detail, chances are the final pictures 
are likely to disappoint.

Makeover/Photo Shoot...2

As with the two pictures shown immediately above, the picture shown opposite is the result of editing an original picture from the same studio makeover/photo shoot package.

Click the edited picture opposite to view the original studio picture. The only changes made to the original was to downsize/ re-sharpen it for online use.

1940's Baby Portrait...

The original print was scanned to create the black & white digital image seen opposite. This was then edited and hand coloured to produce the picture seen in the far right column.

Having been correctly mounted,  framed, and displayed, the condition of the original 5"x7" b&w print wasn't too bad. 

Scanning produced a reasonably clean looking image file that didn't require too much editing to create a usable black & white tiff image. 

One of the editing problems was the baby's heavily shaded left hand, which proved almost impossible to give form to while making the 'fix' look realistic. The workaround was to hide his left hand underneath the folds of his romper suit!

Combining Two Images...

The far right picture shows an example of how by using various editing techniques two different images can be combined into one to create an interesting picture.

Click the picture to view a larger version in a new window.

The left side image shows thumbnail versions of the two pictures used in this exercise.

1950's B&W Negative...

This poor quality black & white negative was the only surviving visual record of this Cambuslang mother and son's early 1950's visit to relatives living in Corby, prior to emigrating to Australia.

Given these circumstances, and with no known print available, it was important to create a usable, recognizable image from the negative.

The negative was scanned into image editing software, reversed, with the resulting black and white image cleaned up and restored.

The hand coloured image is the result of these efforts with both subjects identifiable, including her elder brother's pet English Collie.á

1930s Glass Plate Negative...

Asked by
historian, author, and broadcaster Dr Fiona Watson if I could create a print from an early glass plate negative belonging to her dad, I agreed to try. Having never seen or handled this type of 1930s glass negative I was unsure whether it could even be scanned using a flatbed scanner.

As can be seen from the image first right, the glass plate's exposed emulsion layer was badly faded, but scanning worked! This produced an image similar in appearance to the plate image. After a few hours of restoration work I was able to create the image seen far right. The high resolution image file was later used to create good quality A4 sized b&w prints. Read Fiona's
'Thank You' card. Click either image to view a larger version.  

Carl Zeiss Ikon Camera...

The Carl Zeiss Ikon Compur folding camera shown opposite with glass plate negative (same plate as above), leather case, and metal glass plate negative holder, is the actual camera used approximately eighty years ago to capture the procession scene shown in the '1930s Glass Plate Negative' section directly above.

The camera is probably around the early-to-mid 1930s vintage. More info about this particular model can be found on the web.

To view another restored picture (Lauder Town Hall, circa 1930s), which was created from a second poor quality faded glass plate negative, please click

Antique Clocks...

The antique clock pictures shown right are edited versions of original photographs snapped by an elderly lady's well intentioned friend prior to her entire antique clock collection being catalogued and sold.

A Sony DSC-P10, Cyber Shot, 5 megapixel compact camera, set 
to auto with direct flash was used to capture the original pictures as medium quality jpegs.

The original pictures were poor quality with cluttered backgrounds that required extensive editing work to make them suitable for listing.

The pictures opposite right are two examples from a total of eighteen edited snaps.

Click either of these examples to view the original versions.

1696 Longcase Clock...
J.Boifsomoine of London

Longcase marquetry clocks are possibly the most sought after, and the most valued of this genre of clocks.

First picture shows this circa 1696 longcase clock in situ, with the far right picture showing the same clock, extracted, enhanced, then placed on to a clean background for picture archiving purposes.

To view pictures showing sections of this specific clock snapped by the prospective buyer prior to its purchase, click the links below. Although the images are poor quality, they do show the clock's dilapidated condition. James Hardie restored the clock cabinet, and John Wilson an antique clock movement specialist repaired the original mechanism. Click either image to view a larger version.  

Link 01:
Top hood section
Link 02: Case and base section 

Studio Family Group...

Picture first right is the original standard white background studio shot. The far right picture is an enhanced version, which includes a replacement background with floor area.

Click either image to view a larger version.  

Sunset Scene...

Picture, first right, is a Tenerife sunset scene, with the edited and enhanced version far right.
Click either image to view a larger version.

Original photo Kevin McGonigle.

Fun Picture...

Picture, first right, is the original snap, with a montage created using the edited Tenerife sunset image far right. The montage version was never intended to look like a 'real' picture, just a fun photo to be enjoyed. Click either image to view a larger version.  

Original photo Kevin McGonigle.

Pears Soap Bar...

Various image editing techniques were used to create these two Pears transparent soap bar pictures. It shows how by using the layers function found in many photo editing software packages you can combine different images to create a single picture with a sense of depth and transparency effect. Click either image to view a larger version.  

Marion Davren Portrait...

These two subtly different hand coloured head shots of Scots fashion/swimsuit model Marion Davren were created from an original black and white photograph.

As with the 'First Day at School' photo above, the completed high resolution digital image files were more than suitable for creating high quality print enlargements.

Click either image to view a larger version.  

13th Century Castle...

Image nearest is the original unedited version of this medieval castle showing an exterior view of its south-east tower.

The far right image is how it looks after having various basic editing techniques applied. Click either image to view a larger version.

Original photo Bert Kaufman.

To view b&w drawing click

Harry Morris, Father & Bros...

Original scanned print plus fixed version with a more pleasing looking replacement background. Click either image to view a larger version.